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#Tazadaq Books Got Crystal the Title to Her Car and Financial Freedom

Shalom, Liberate The Oppressed and the Plug are two of Kahan Tazadaq’s books that various people have used to totally get out of debt. Most recently Crystal used Kahan Tazadaq’s Book The Plug to get the title to her car which she owed $33,000 on, but when the alleged creditor was unable to validate the debt they was left with no choice but to send her the title. You can watch Testimonies below of How Jeremiah used Liberate The Oppressed to Recover his car towed by Police and recover it without a fee from impound lot, and how he was about to beat traffic tickets and all court debts. These are merely two of the many people that was able to ger real remedy by visiting https://www.truedisciplesofchrist.org/product-page/secured-party-creditor-packet and order your secured party creditor packet now. You can also click the links below to watch the videos.

Crystal Gets title to here Car by using #Tazadaq’s book the plug https://youtu.be/bEkdKTXTQ9g

Watch Jeremiah’s Testimony https://youtu.be/O2VxTfoTM7g

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