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Phone Coaching

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Contract for Services

This is an agreement between TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC and recipient (s) of this agreement. Payments and or Donation(s) confirms your digital signature. TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC coaching sessions and workshop session are the private exchange of ideas and concepts between the provider(s) and recipients.  The content is not legal or medical advice, nor do we offer legal advice.  If you need legal advice or medical advice, seek yourself a competent attorney or physician and please be advised.   The use or misuse of any ideals and concept discussed or stated or written in any of our books, emails, text messages or any of these session as applied to the recipients own transactions case or controversies or applied to other cases may or may not result in a favorable outcome or the same outcome discussed in these sessions.  Each transaction or transactions case or controversy may be different because of unique circumstances.

Actions or unique statements maybe by the parties herein and each different act or statement in any transaction affects or may affect weather any ideal or procedure discussed in these procedures is relevant to the recipient transaction or that the outcome thereof will be depicted as in these sessions. The discussion and ideals in our books, flash drives, DVDS or these sessions are not exhausted of the subjects being discussed. Many Ideals and conduct can affect the legal and commercial outcome.  It is the responsibility of the recipients to understand their own transaction and to apply the appropriate and complete concept necessary for a procedural and substantive remedy there to these sessions.

The information contained in books, documents, flash drives, DVDs, coaching by phone, emails, Secured Party Creditor Package, ECT is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by  TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC,  while we Endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website, coaching, books, flash drives, DVDs, documents etc. or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on via email, website, coaching, or documents for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use such information via website, email, documents, coaching or otherwise. Because our coaching, books, flash drives, DVDS, and documents has implemented the Instant information system, which allows you to use it anytime thereafter immediately after donating/paying, without any exception we have a NO REFUND policy. Donation(s)/payments is consenting that you agree to the terms stated herein.



Unless otherwise specified, it is understood that all rights to books, DVDs, Flash drives and intellectual Information, final or sample, thereof shall remain the property of TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC and may not be used for advertising, display or any other purpose other than personal enjoyment.


 Recipient, Client and its agent’s, family members and assignees, if any, shall indemnify, and hold harmless, TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC from all claims for damages arising out of the performance of any of the services contemplated by this Agreement except for intentional or illegal acts.



Upon paying for phone coaching or in persona one on one coaching TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC will reserve the time agreed upon and will not make another reservation for the specific time frame. For this reason, all deposits or payment are non-refundable even if the date is changed or becomes canceled for any reason.


Your Session


A payment of $ 220 is due for 30 minutes phone coaching, Or $320 for one hour’s phone coaching.


An amount of $ 10 per minutes will be due for each minute that you exceed the allotted time.

It is understood that even with the signing of a contract and/or verbal agreement, no day is reserved without a monetary payment.



Your session starts at time emailed or texted to you and ends at on the time that you paid for.  If you wish to continue the call you must provide a debit or credit card number and be charged $10 per minute.



You agree that you will call the number the number email to you  at the time agreed upon. If you are late, time will be taken from your session or charged under “Extra Time” herein, at the sole discretion of TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC. Friends and family are welcome, so long as they do not interfere with the call taking place. If your session needs to be changed you must contract me at least 24 hours before. If you miss the session there is no refund. 


Payment for the packet and documents will be required before the construction of said documents. You will not receive any prints, nor will an order for prints be placed unless full payment of the entire package is made. Cash, online payment (PayPal) or personal checks are accepted forms of payment. For checks, no retouching or work will be done until funds have been cleared. Returned checks are subject to a $55 charge

A further payment of all necessary expenses (unless otherwise specified) such as parking, fuel, travel, taxi, hotel charges, etc., to be paid at least 14 days before the date of the one-on-one coaching sessions. The Client shall reimburse the Life Coach for any additional costs the Life Coach may incur for travel, meals, parking, and other reasonable costs necessary to the performance of these services.


For Packets, please allow up to 16 business days from the date you provided all your information to receive your packet. Allow up to 7 business days after you’ve ordered a book, flash drives or DVDs. 




Client agrees that unedited BOOKS, DOCUMENTS/ FLASH DRIVES OR DVDS will not be shared for any reason. Client agrees not to post or otherwise share any of the above said media.




Deliverable items are contingent upon the client performing actions and cooperating with the TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC. TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC is not liable if the client’s neglect leads to a compromise of what has been agreed upon. (i.e., agreeing to meet at a location and time, but she/he does not make herself / himself available for the time).




. Because our coaching, books, flash drives, DVDS, and documents has implemented the Instant information system, which allows you to use it anytime thereafter immediately after donating/paying, without any exception we have a NO REFUND policy. Donation(s)/payments is consenting that you agree to the terms stated herein.


The Client is obtaining books, flash drives, DVDs, coaching for personal use only, and shall not sell said prints. It is not permitted to give products to vendors having their products or setups reviews to use for advertising or promotion. No commercial use is granted by the issuance of print or digital copies.




It is the responsibility of the client sign for and to pick up any media in a timely manner at USPS or their home address.

You will be contacted by email vial PayPal or TAZADOCTRINE BOOKS LLC and made aware when your media is ready, but it is your responsibility to check your email or PayPal for your tracking number.


By signing, the parties agree that they fully understand and will be bound only by the terms above. Any other terms must be agreed to in writing. Otherwise, the above terms will be considered the consolidated, exclusive terms between the parties.










(17 or younger requires parent/guardian signature)


NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL. If you are, or are affiliated with:  a Monarchy/Government/Officer/Agency/Employee, foreign or domestic, CFR, UN, the B.A.R., the Vatican, The Rothschild/The Rockefellers/J.P. Morgan Chase/ The Warburgs, the IMF, World Bank, and or The Press or in any way affiliated and or in concert with any of the above, the following pertains to you: If you read any of the contents of My email, YouTube, or website, you agree to pay a user fee of  $ 20,000.00 US payable in gold or silver coin, per hour or any fraction thereof,  tracked by your IP address. Additionally, If you use any of the items, context or images from any of the above, emails, physical mail or websites, you agree to pay a user fee of  $100,000.00 US per use, payable in gold or silver coin, per image or paragraph. Get 2 items for only $250,000.00US, payable in gold or silver coin.  IN ADDITION: Imaging any web pages, partial or whole, you agree to pay a per capture fee of $100,000.00 US, payable in gold or silver coins. By your use, we mutually agree to this binding contract. All use fees are immediately due and payable upon demand to Tazadaq Shah, Eleazar Israel, Disciples Of Christ, Creditors Debtors Contracts In Commerce or affiliates over due and owing immediately .

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