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True Disciples of Christ ( TDOC) is a private church organization, NON 501-C3 Yahawah/Yahuah wa Yahawashi/Yahusha is our power, we reserve the right to  select or deny members or terminate members at will.  Thawadah. Please fill out form below and state I want to be a full member of True Disciples of Ch

rist ( TDOC) Email your phone number and photo to truedisciplesofchrist7@yahoo.com

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The decision to join a church/ congregation is a very important one. We respect the importance of that decision and want to be helpful in every way.  We would be excited to welcome you into our fellowship as a member. We trust that  Yah’s (God’s) Spirit will guide you to relate to our church  which is right for you at this time.  The time is growing short family.

Several times each year we have Journey classes that helps us to reflect on our personal journey with Christ (HaMashiyach Yahawashi), understand  our vision and mission, how we can use our time, talents, and treasure for the Lord. We also share about our core values and the core values and ministry of the True Disciples of Christ  TDOC Church around the world.  Each class has 3 goals,  to be inspirational and informative and instructional. Everyone is welcome to attend the class just to gather information.

Full Membership is for those who have been baptized through the spirit  Ephesians 5: 26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word.  The Word is Christ, the God of this world Yahawashi. John 1: John.1 1 In the beginning was the Word ( Christ), and the Word was with God ( Yahawah), and the Word was God ( Christ the God of this world). 2 The same was in the beginning with God (Yahawah).  You must have made confession of faith in  Christ and wish to unite fully with this congregation. You may become a full member by confession of faith, restoration of membership, or transfer of membership. Full membership enables you to participate fully in our church and qualifies you for any office held by a lay person in our local congregation.

You may join by Confession of Faith. Confession of Faith is acceptance of Hamashiyach Yahawashi that the world ignorantly refers to as Jesus Christ, you must accept him as Lord and Savior and the acknowledgment of your faith before members of this congregation. If you have never been anointed True Disciples of Christ Kahan (priest) anoint persons by sprinkling oil.

You may join by Restoration of membership. Restoration of membership occurs when your membership in this or another church (within any  denomination) has lapsed, been lost, or terminated. In order to have your membership restored, you must make a re-commitment of your life to Christ and his Church.

You may join by Transfer of membership. Transfer of Membership is moving your official church membership from another congregation to our church. We accept transfers of membership from all  So-called Christian Or Israelite denominations, even Muslims In order to transfer your membership to our church, we need the name and address of the church from which your membership will be transferred.

Our Priest (kahan) is also available for personal conferences with  you if you have questions or wish to discuss church membership. If you join as a full member of our church, we will ask you to affirm your faith and your commitment to support the True Disciples of Christ by your prayers, presence, gifts, and service.

You are invited to talk to our priest or leadership if you have any questions about church membership.


Become a TDOC Commando

TDOC Commandos

True Disciples Of Christ COMMANDOS is an elite group of men that undergo a mental and physical training Program that test your mental as well as your cardio, strength and conditioning with extremely high level physical and mental training and is considered some of the most demanding MENTAL and physical training that you will ever experience in your life. This program will be the elite men out of the True Disciples of Christ. If you have not signed up for the TDOC commandos enroll today. You must be a member of our camp to be a commando. After you become a Soldier in the Army of Lord the next step for the elite men is TDOC Commandos. This program is designed to prepare the elite Hebrew Israelites for defense of Yasharahla.

Are you with an Israelite camp now, if so how? In which city do you reside? Are you a government agent or have you ever worked for the federal government?

It's not simply a training program with exercises, a few routines, a schedule & cheap promises. Our tranining offers hard work, sweat & suffering through which you can achieve more. I Tazadaq did pass the black belt test (5.5 hours, full contact fighting, wind sprints all day, obstacle courses, non-stop abuse) on my feet thanks to old school instructors amd special ops military training. I haven't trained as intensely since then, I have developed on hand for refreshers on different exercise, variety, diet tips, etc.

We teach No Holds Barred Fighting and provide The Ultimate Guide to Conditioning: Elite Exercises and Training for Warriors, Commandos! If you make it through this program you will achieve Total Fitness.

This Is not for the average man but the Ahch seeking an elite fitness routine. this program employs the regimens of top athletes. Explaining how to apply the scientific concepts of specificity and synergy to create tailored workout routines, this program features scores of exercises—from old standbys to modern training techniques.


 Guerrilla Army Survival

Please bear in mind that in a true emergency, in all likelihood, your PC will stop working either because of an EMP, because of a power failure, because you're on the run, because you've run out of batteries and so on. You DO NEED a hardcopy on paper - either by printing it out or by buying it - as old fashioned as this may sound. These lessons collection are meant to give you an overview over what you might need. And no, your sexy iPad is NOT what you need in a survival situation at all. And forget about your public GPS - that's the first thing the army will shut down - they have their own coded military GPS frequencies. The more you have to rely on high-tech gadgets, the more vulnerable you are and the weaker you get. The good old guerrilla style is still the best strategy, especially when civilization breaks down. You will have to learn how to become independent of civilization before it actually breaks down. Why not live with a native tribe for some time - or maybe learn something from the our forefathers.

CAUTION: Please bear in mind that everything you do on the net may be watched by the NSA. When you buy a book online such as from amazon.com then you will be known by the NSA. Therefore never buy books on self-defense and prepping online, always buy them in a good old bookstore as long as they may exist. And never give your real name when ordering a book from a regular bookstore. They do have lists about every book each US or EU citizen has ever bought online or borrowed from a public library, and those nasty red and blue lists for their FEMA internment camps do exist. And they will compare

those lists and when they come for you with their anti-Constitutional Gestapo-SWAT teams and their ultra-rugged FEMA-tanks then your loud mouth just won't do, therefore always keep a low profile, if you're wise. And always use a VPN or anonymizer when downloading torrents with books on prepping. Please bear in mind that the internet is a net and nets are made to catch fish - and you are the fish. Do you really believe that the NWO let the internet go public because they like you so much and they wanted to do a favor to you? Go on dreaming you fool. The internet is as trustworthy as the telephone system in Nazi-Germany. And now good luck and good success and above all good survival!

We have gathered Ahchyam well skilled in Martial Arts, hand to hand combat and military training to include special operations to establish an elite fighting machine, TDOC COMMANDOS”. We will be deciding the training location in the near future. Only a few that apply for this program will make it. This is not for your average man. You will be pushed beyond what you imagined to be your threshold of pain. Only the serious need apply. If you are considering applying start preparing for the upcoming TDOC Program now by doing push ups, sit ups and running. This program is for camp members Only. The TDOC Commando Program will only accept physically fit individuals already meeting minimum requirements for fitness, height and weight. If you are not in shape do not waste your time and ours showing up. Training consists of multiple disciplines, including swimming, running, climbing and basic calisthenics such as push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. While this sounds easy, there's no shortage of fit individuals who will not be capable and will not complete the program.. Look for more information on this in the future. Email us at truedisciplesofchrist7@yahoo.com

If you are interested

Shalawam Kahan General Tazadaq Shah Disclaimer

The TRUE DISCIPLES OF CHRIST COMMANDOS (TDOCC) is Not a members and/or members of any organization, or any group designed to over throw any public office or otherwise. We exist for educational and for informational purpose only. We do not provide legal advice if you need legal advice seek yourself an attorney and please be advised. If you find any of the content offensive it is not intentional do not watch or read our content hereon or herein if you think that you might find certain words, speech, photos, videos text offensive in nature. The media, text, photos are otherwise is a mere freedom of speech and expression and not intended to be of an offensive nature

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