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 Book Your Initial Consultation and Intake Session

Once we have received the completed intake form, contract, and payment for the first month, you are ready to begin your coaching sessions. The first official session between a coach and a new client is often longer, more detailed, and more intense. This is known as our intake session, it can last an hour or even two, depending on the client. This is because additional time is needed to establish what the client’s goals are, how they will accomplish them, and what style of coaching will be the most effective. Granted, much of this information will come up during the initial consultation and in reviewing the intake form, but often only on a superficial level.

The intake session establishes the basic framework of the coaching, although that framework is understandably subject to change. For those clients who have a lot of issues to sort out, we will want to break the intake session down into two separate 45-minute or one-hour sessions. Remaining focused and alert during a two-hour conversation can be difficult. Book your session now. It can be life coaching or relationship Taz will help inspire you. Book now!  

You must do the Initial Consultation and Intake Session before the regular sessions.

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