The Inviolable Man The Plug Unplug

It’s an early glimpse into the type of raw, unflinching language the former Army special Ops uses in his combination autobiography/self-help book, as he relates the tale of how he transformed from an abused boy on welfare to a guy compelled to  go into the army or go to jail.  From the streets in a dead-end hood life to the U.S.  special ops covert operations , to a computer science slave for various corporations as a  brain washed DEBTORS strawman into a secured party creditor that YouTube  DEBTORS envy.  In what Tazadaq says is “no hype talk,” he describes his training    as a military assassin transformation and mindset in excruciating and colorful detail as he becomes an american National.  From “Hell Week” training—to working in major corporation as a computer network administration as a corporate slave- alas he develops into an elite ultra- Secured Party Creditor American National.

Whether you’re just starting out in life or are a seasoned professional, and whether your dream is to be a  success, to reach the top of your profession, or just to live a healthier life, Tazadaq’s story has powerful lessons for setting and reaching goals.  Pre-order Tazadaq's new book “The Inviolable Man the Plug Unplug”  This is a  582 page SPC bible on Freedom. This book is really the plug that unplugs you from the Matrix. Click image to order now!

Tazadaq made this private communication.  It can only be ordered from website you can’t get this on AMAZON!  “The Inviolable Man  the Plug Unplug”  

Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds.  This book has Everthing the first book has and almost 3oo pages more.

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The Inviolable Man The Plug Unplug