This is real Private Bamking. In order to counter the mental strangle-hold the  Democracy Slave Matrix has enforced, it is necessary to be exposed to an effective antidote. What is needed is a mental “Deprogramming”, Who better than I, Tazadaq the “ Deprogrammed Enlightener” that imparts an opposing set of ideas, principles and strategies that you can choose to act on making creditor move facilitated by I, Tazadaq the “Economic Emancipator”


I define this process  as exhibiting creditor moves in the economic emancipated  liberated Matrix - through education, emancipation and escape. The first step is always to understand the true nature of the world we live in and to realize that so much of what we accept as normal is in fact against human nature. Seeing the world differently requires being subjected to radically different ideas. And this education automatically leads to emancipation - the freedom you experience when you have that “eureka” moment of truth. Only then will abased programmed women realize that once Adam and Eve realize their nakedness they donned clothing because to in public naked or semi naked is uncivilized, as our so-called liberated women in today’s world is utter uncivilization.


Liberate the Oppressed Freedom From Servitude is Staying On Your Grind & Hustle