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In Search of The So-called White Race Who is Esau?

In Search of The So-called White Race Who is Esau?


The Origin of the So-called white race , who is Esau? Is the most controversial yet informative mini series DVD’s on the subject. The falsity of White history begins and ends with their desire to hide their true nature; that being that they are derived from Esau who was an  Albino. Their efforts to make all peoples of historical significance  so-called White, would appear to be their effort to make themselves the "New Normal"  For example their educational system "See everybody important was White, therefore White is good - the best even!" This fabricated concept of themselves, is obviously so satisfying, and so ingrained, that it has become delusional.  This is the system of white supremacy.   Even today, there are many Edomites ( so-called Whites) who refuse to believe that the ancient Israelites,  Egyptians, and the other original civilizations as well, were Black people! This in spite of the countless evidences to the contrary: Both Israel and Egypt IS in Africa, there are countless statues and paintings which clearly show them to be Black people. Even scientific studies of ancient Egyptian Bones and Mummy tissue, Mummy tissue study: Does not satisfy them. Whites will still doggedly point to artifacts from the periods of Greek and Roman rule and say: See, these are the "Real Egyptians". Of course, there is absolutely no reason why a reasonably intelligent human being, would ever think that the ancient Egyptians were White people, but then again, reason and intelligent thought, have nothing to do with this: This is about White Supremacy and  a "Need" to believe. This persistence in thinking, is then clearly not intellectual, put rather purely emotional.

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