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Canadian Secured Party Creditor

Canadian Secured Party Creditor


Canadian Secured Party Creditor

Secured Party Creditor (SPC) is a term that is becoming more and more popular among the students of the sovereignty and common law student arenas. Many people are trying to obtain higher levels of freedom, reserving their unalienable rights, and have discovered this Secured Party Creditor term. Yet most people can not properly articulate exactly what it is. Simply put, it is separating your living man/woman self, from the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS TRADENAME/BIRTH CERTIFICATE LEGAL NAME, and protecting the assets and collateral of that name by backdating a security agreement to your 18th birthday. This creates you as a “secured party” or lien-holder over that name – therefore protecting it’s assets from lien, levy, seizure, garnishment, or forfeiture.


Because of the fraud of the legal name trickery that you were unaware about until now, and fraud does void all contracts if the party being defrauded takes affirmative action to call out the fraud, now you have in effect canceled out the disastrous effects of those contracts in your life that were done without your consent or your best interests at heart. Now that’s a mouthful, but as you keep reading on our website (and join our newsletter to get over 30 hours of free downloadable videos and mp3 audio lessons), I’m sure you will get to a point of overstanding better. We all see higher levels of fraud, corruption, taking place every day, bringing the growing number of people that are learning about secured party creditor filings(processes).



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