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rich creditor gods work
rich creditor gods work

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 What is your status? DEBTOR or Creditor?

Genesis 1:[28] And Yah (God) blessed them, and

Yah ( God) said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. It's obvious that the creator gave man authority over all things and entities on earth, therefore the highest status is "man"  I, man have authority over the courts, the judge, the sheriff, the district attorney ect.. in their public servant capacity. They are public servant start teaching them that!


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This is information is not intended to be an instruction on how to use the Redemption Process, but merely to give a basic over-standing of the “fictional commercial world” we have been operating in, and how they have “bridged the gap” between this and the real live people and drawn us into their Babylonian system as a surety for a corporation. This is also to to establish in your mind that IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU DEFEAT THE PRESUMPTION THAT YOU ARE THE SURETY FOR

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QAM YAHSHARAHLA ! We fight for you with  " Right Knowledge"



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Secured Party Creditor​ Donate $1,210.90 or save $50 Visit SPC page to learn more

Family Court​ call or email

Criminal Issues call or email

Child Care/ Custody​​​​​ call or email

Affidavits of Fact​​​​​ Donate $200 up to two pages

Foreclosure $3000 to $5,000

Common Law Marriage​​ $300

Nationality call or email

Traffic Tickets call or email

Name Change call or email

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Family, you can now listen to TDOC on Pod Cast. 830 PM The Highest Power is using TDOC to spread his message throughout the earth. 

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Tuesdays 8:30 PM eastern time.

Hosted by: Tazadaq Shah

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Personal Meeting ID 985-642-8444  

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True Disciples of Christ provide: *Healing & Deliverance Prayers: * Outreach Ministry, Bible Studies, Counseling *Free Ministry Book Give-Away to for the under privilege ( we are lead by the spirit to give to selective souls) Books by "Brotha Tazadaq"- order at (Your donations helps to support the ministry.) You can visit website to order then donate off line via$tazadaqshahNE TIME DONATION

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