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order Tazadaq's new book THE GAME OF COMMERCE AND HOW TO PLAY IT This an SPC's bible on freedom. This book is really designed to liberate your thinking from the Matrix. Click image below order now $360.00 plus shipping to zelle @tazadoctrine@gmail.com  

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QAM YAHSHARAHLA ! We fight for you with  " Right Knowledge"




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Genesis 1:[28] And Yah (God) blessed them, and

Yah ( God) said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. It's obvious that the creator gave man authority over all things and entities on earth, therefore the highest status is "man"  I, man have authority over the courts, the judge, the sheriff, the district attorney ect.. in their public servant capacity. They are public servant start teaching them that!

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Righteous Yahuah Fearing Men Do Exist!

In an increasingly turbulent world, one filled with a mass number of men who are meandering manhood, ministry leaders, public officials, churches and families are desperately crying out for men who are strong to lead and strong to love.

Like a beam of hope bursting through the dark night and lighting up the heavens with the brightness of Yahuwah’s glory, Men of Yahuah has arisen!

Rapidly ascending to national prominence, Men of Yahuah  is leading the way by delivering what men and boys need most: true role models, passionate mentors, no apology masculinity, spirited camaraderie and instruction from men of faith, wisdom and power.

We are birthing some of the sharpest minds and hearts known to mankind! From our midst are coming forth: fabulous fathers, honorable husbands, great leaders, mentors, CEO’s, Legislators, entrepreneurs, ministers, scientists, millionaires, attorneys and judges.

It has been well said that, “Iron sharpens iron…” Like highly skilled craftsmen, we bring out the best in men by sharpening them spiritually, mentally, physically and socially. Under our leadership, mentorship and training, men excel!

When we speak, men listen intently! Take note of some of the critical needs training areas that we cover…

• The 8 Steps To Manhood

• Possessing Your Land

• Relationship Readiness

• Bouncing Back From Past Failures

• Vision Building

• Succeeding in life

• Rites of Passage

• Team Visionary: 3 Day Blast For Boys

• Entrepreneurial Excellence

• Drug/Alcohol Interdiction

• Prison Ministry Training

• Transforming Boys Into Champions

• Gang Interdiction

• Restoring Men To Wholeness

• EMS – Every Man Skilled

• Man Up!

• The 7 Principles To Mastering Manhood

• The Dangers Men Face: Sex Traps 101

Our conferences, seminars and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your men and their families. The Mastering Manhood team members will empower your…

• Church

• Men’s Seminar

• High School

• Prison Ministry

• College

• Fraternity

• Men’s Workshop

• Men’s Conference

When it comes to being a man, it is a war out there! Due to a lack of proper role models, the male man is in a crisis. The average young man has no idea of the role he should fill as a man. Many adult men have little or no idea about the roles they should fill as a father, husband, mentor or leader. The problem… the average man never received proper training on how to make the transition from boyhood to manhood. Most men went from boyhood to adulthood but they never reached manhood! That is not a criticism, it is an irrefutable statement of fact.

To make matters worse, various groups and organizations are frequently questioning the need for real men in today's society. These extremists expend enormous amounts of energy convincing the next generation of males to forgo manhood and abort their masculinity. The men who have been duped by this rhetoric, easily skirt their duties and responsibilities as men, husbands, fathers and leaders.

At Yahuah's Men, we deal with the tough issues, we answer the hard questions and we show you how to successfully negotiate the challenges that men face. Here are nine critical reasons for you to tell other men about Mastering Manhood, book mark this website and return in the future:

  • You'll Learn the 8 Steps to Manhood

  • You'll Learn the 7 Biblical Principles to Mastering Manhood

  • You'll be able to pick the brains of men who are Mastering Manhood

  • You'll have seasoned role models who will give you timely insights and practical advice

  • We'll help you succeed in the business arena and workforce

  • We'll show you how to establish meaningful and fulfilling relationships

  • We'll help you become a better man, husband, father, leader and mentor

  • We'll provide you with the potent cutting edge training materials

  • You'll meet other men who against all odds, have found their God-given purpose and are making their mark in life!

Our Vision
"Returning men to their roles."

Yahuah’s  Men

Are you a Pastor? Leader of a men's ministry, men's prison ministry or men's fellowship? Is your church or outreach successful in:

(a)   Birthing men, (both young and older) into the kingdom of Yahuah?
(b)   Discipling and mentoring men?
(c)   Transitioning young men from boyhood into manhood?
(d)   Properly addressing men's issues?
(e)   Raising up men of valor and integrity who are full of faith and power?

At Yahuah’s Men we've got the tools and training you need to become razor sharp in the realm of the spirit. With our training you will impact men's lives (both young and older) with the Word of God and with the anointing of the Ruach ah Kodesh ( Holy Spirit). We take the guesswork out of raising up faithful mighty Men of God! What is our foundation Biblical principles that every man must be rooted and grounded in order to fulfill his Yah-ordained destiny. Now I need you to closely examine our insignia, you will notice two key points:

(1). This man of Yahuah is cloaked in the full armor of Yahuah and is battle ready. He knows how to engage in spiritual warfare and like all true men of Yahuah, he runs to the battle! He attacks the enemy! He is an invading force!

(2) He is a knight in shining armor. The men at Yahuwah’s Men are putting man back into manhood!

Raising up men who are Yahuah’s Men takes three critical elements - (a) certain skill sets (b) proper training, and (3) an anointing from up on high. We have all three essential elements, no supplements are necessary, and we are excited about imparting them into your life and ministry! Coming soon to your church or community!!!

Love, Sex and Relationships  Conferences In your Church camp or city

The answer to the high divorce rate, tense marriages, domestic violence and failed relationships lies in properly training both men and women the true dynamics of love, sex, relationships and marriage. Our anointed conferences leave attendees with a potent impartation from heaven that revolutionizes their lives. Coming soon to your church or community!!!  Contract us to arrange a seminar or us to teach at your church. 

Now that you've learned what's coming up at TDOC, and you want to be kept abreast of events, book releases or ministry opportunities, please direct your requests, comments or questions to our contact page.

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