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Learn what no lawyer can tell you without being disbarred. Forget the books that supposedly try to teach you how to beat your traffic ticket – they are all wrong from the very inception when they tell you to plead not guilty. Once you enter a plea, you have immediately consented to their jurisdiction over you. But do they legally have this jurisdiction over you? Did the constable on patrol ( cop) have a warrant with your name on it when they pulled you over? Of course not. Did they tell you that you were under arrest and read you your Miranda rights? Of course not.           



 Tazadaq teaches you what no lawyer will tell you. Learn how a traffic policeman is violating the Motor Vehicle Code by making an illegal warrantless arrest. Learn how the black robe has been violating your rights by holding trial in an unconstitutional jurisdiction. And why is the black robe acting as the prosecutor instead of the impartial arbiter the law defines him as being? If the state is a party to the case, why is  it not held in federal court,  instead of state court. They can’t be both be a judge and party of the same action.


 Tazadaq’s DVD program teaches you exactly what to say, and how to answer the black robe's questions. Simply listen to our program several times so you know what to say, then go to court and WIN. We provide court case citations to back up the strategy, plus on the screen motions to serve on the court. Your case will probably be dismissed at the preliminary hearing, but if it isn't, you'll be prepared, because we provide pretrial motions, complete trial strategy and appeal instructions all in these three  packet DVDs. Your ticket could be dismissed at any one of those stages.


Every second of every minute of every hour of every day…Someone is getting a traffic ticket. Roughly 35,000,000 tickets are issued per year right here in America. 5,000,000 of those are in California alone

Will your insurance go up? The insurance law permits companies to impose steep increases upon people who are..

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