The Book si a must have if you want to be an affective SPC . Imagine winning yourself as I did vs paying thousands to a lawyer. just one process out of this book and it has paid for it's self.  Don't be zanny and focus ont he price.
What's in the book?  The Laws of The CreatorThe Common Law/ laws of NatureThe straw man, birth certificate bond and living soul explainedOver coming your alter ego and self defeating thoughtsRepresenting Yourself in CourtOver Coming Semantics in Colorable CourtsHow to Stand as a Secured party CreditorRight to Travel from Point A to B Without a Driver’s LicenseNOTICE TO COURT AND ALL COURT OFFICERS_*AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH Affidavit I used to Defeat Foreclosure CaseAnswer to Criminal ComplaintMotion to Vacate JudgementForeclosure CaseThe Courts are colorable and only have consent over those that Consent1099 OID For Checking Account


HOW TO WHIPE YOUR CREDIT CLEAN CANADA OR USWRIT OF MANDAMUS1040 v Set off Declaration of land patent AFFIDAVIT OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAND ACCEPTANCE OF WARRANTY DEEDCONDATIONAL ACCEPTANCEHow I made a bill into a Money orderLEGAL NOTICE TO BANKConditional ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO DISCHAGE/PAY BILLWhat is Due process of law?MORTGAGE DISCHAGE LETTERNotice for Competency and Incompetence, Revocation of Power ofChallenge Jurisdiction Properly

How Tazadaq have Discharged Debt"District" United States, and that therefore no U.S. federal government statutes or regulations have any authority over me.How I created a Promissory NoteSPIRITUAL WARFARE & COGNITIVE DISSONANCE ( by Yapah) How to Have a Baby ins a Hospital and n Not get a Birth Certificate or Social Security NumberNotice of Understanding and Claim of RightClaiming Nationality and Status as a Israelites


THREE STAGES OF NOTICE OF COMMERCIAL LIENCONTRACT REJECTIONChild Support LetterHow o Resend a Social Security Number and Birth Certificate

The Inviolable Man from Debtor to Secured Party Creditor: The Conditions of Your