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REGENERATION SEMINAR DVDs  10 hours ( available at seminar only)

REGENERATION SEMINAR DVDs 10 hours ( available at seminar only)


Get your mind right by learning things never taught before at our seminars, how to Secure a Bank Account from Levy,Mortgage-Discharge-Letter,1099-OID-Layout-for-Checking Account, How Tazadaq Paid Property Taxes: (by a 1099-A), How I created a bond for vehicle insurance, How to try to stop and arrest, How to have a baby in hospital without a birth certificate or ssn, ( debtors ask why? Creditors know why) Why people are not obligated to pay income taxes according to 16th amndment, income taxes are voluntary explained, An Aggrieved Man’s Power of Commercial Liens over Satanic Bureaucrats, on court cases, 1099 oid complete process, eliminate property taxes, eliminate debt collectors, improve your creditor in 24 hours, eliminate debt collectors, accepted for value process, how to beat in traffic case, overstanding the proper use of words soaring above aphasia. Defeat foreclosure, remedy your child support, and much more

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