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THIS A4V PROCESS IS NOT FOR DEBTOR YOUTUBERS LOOKING TO WRITE A4V ON A A PAPER HAVE ALL THEIR DEBTS PAID!!! There was some fluke in the system and the simple “A4V on a Paper process” worked for a few people 5 and 6 years ago but it is NOT working anymore.


Our process is the real deal of how to win and get enforcement. If you take them to court then they are bound to perform at the barrel of a gun. Court Orders are enforced by The Sheriff and they will follow a Court Order (or Judgment) or they are in CONTEMPT of Court and will be Arrested. Corporations who violate Court Orders are also Fined and have their Accounts Levied by the Sheriff in order to pay YOU.


GET  Tazadaq’s books, to understand contracts….

Tazadaq and The True Disciples of Christ  also have  the Secured Party Creditor University STUDY Groups where you can  learnwith people, attend weekly Webinars, get access to documents, etc. We are trying to help people learn to get remedy, not put out FALSE HOPE on Youtube like many others are.

There is no secret A4V formula – get creative you can use anything of Value or any form of Money in place of it.

If you like the overview and want to realy win order this  flash drive  of this webinar  with over 18 hours of Right Knowledge in  detail, get on our website mailing list and you’ll get invited to our Webinars and  Seminars. It’s not something that can be taught on Youtube to the masses or for free…you have to know what you are doing otherwise you shouldn’t be doing it because your not going to win.  That’s how we own it!!

Order now on Enforcing A4V: Answer and Counterclaim (A4V sent from a TRUST)

This is for if you are on the Defense and the Bank is suing you, for example for :a Judgment for Money, or to take your house or car.


This  informative Webinar  of the fantastic  Secured Party Creditor  University Redemption Series,  Tazadaq is coming  with Right Knowledge  that  render’s the adept  "Free From Servitude". Now, having regained control of your strawman through becoming a Secured Party Creditor (SPC), you're ready to use this status and knowledge to further your freedom and soveriegnty even more! This webinar will teach you how to utilize tools to defend your rights and create success for the future. Debt Discharge, IRS, Mortgage, contract law, 1099 OID and much much more,



A4V Complete 3 Step Process Webinar over 18 Hours of Right Knowledge

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